Presenting with confidence is essential any time you are standing in front of an audience and want to create a positive impact.

This workshop is ideal for those who regularly:
* designing and delivering presentations
* speaking at conferences
* facilitating meetings or
* representing your organisation at networking events.

The core fundamentals of the programme focus on Message Development, Visual Impact, Vocals Power and  Platform Skills

✔ Understanding your core audience needs
✔ Learning how to structure a presentation
✔ Understanding the power of storytelling
✔ How to write a memorable presentation

✔ Understanding how visuals compliment a presentation not define it
✔ Deciding which visuals to use for a presentation
✔ How to storyboard on a slide deck or Prezi
✔ Effective use of flip charts and whiteboards

✔ Managing your breathing and posture
✔ Vocal power through resonance and variety
✔ How to master your pitch, tone and looking after your vocal chords
✔ Pacing your speeches for clarity and impact

✔ Understanding how to present across different platforms
✔ Maximising your presentation through your body language
✔ Dealing with Q&A sessions from delegates
✔ Delivering presentations and managing feedback
1 to 2 days, depending on previous experience or need

We work with a maximum of 8 people. We do this so that all can participants can get the full attention and feedback for effective learning.

Our workshops are always interactive and practical so that you can leave with something to work on straight away. Presentations will be peer reviewed.

Participants will leave with a workbook
Recordings of their presentations and
A recommended reading list to improve their presentation skills.

For more information contact us here or call us direct on 020 3137 1351.