This pitch coaching programme is aimed at senior leaders of startups or growing firms looking for funding to grow their firm. Our sole aim is to give you and your team the necessary tools to be able to pitch effectively to investors .

Whether you are pitching to get interest in angels, for a demo day for VC’s or even if you are looking to raise the ante for a second or third round of financing for a startup, this coaching is designed to cater for that need.

✔ Build confidence in delivering a pitch
✔ Design key stories to engage investors
✔ Understand the key components investors are looking for in a successful pitch
✔ Develop and deliver a powerful close

We work with one team for a whole day to ensure their pitch is in top condition after rehearsals and reviews, or we can work with a maximum of four teams over a day in preparation for demo days.

This is delivered on company premises

All teams get a pitching template and a recording of their pitches during the day.