Are you a CEO, CIO, CFO or other member of the executive team?
Do you have a big presentation (speech) coming up?
Are you chairing an all important meeting?
Would you like to present with more influence and gravitas?
Speak in a compelling way?

It is important for executives to be able to deliver with authority and panache.

Executive Voice is a coaching programme aimed at organisational senior executives and leaders. The purpose of the coaching programme is to help you to be able to present and communicate your business and vision more effectively.

✔ Deliver speeches and presentations with confidence
✔ Structure and present with focus
✔ Improve your presentation skills
✔ Find your speaking voice
✔ Increase impact on your team

Clients have worked with us on this programme in preparation for
✔ conference presentations
✔ investor meetings
✔ business pitches
✔ staff/town hall meetings

Using the SMART Model we get you to focus on
✔ exuding confidence when presenting
✔ developing a signature story/ stories
✔ recognising which presentation styles work best for you
✔ how to structure all presentations using a formula
✔ strengthening you vocals through exercises
✔ harnessing visuals to enhance presentations
✔ delivery skills for each platform

The minimum duration for this coaching is six months or six sessions, depending on the urgency of your needs.

Whilst we do have specific frameowork of this coaching in place, to best help our clients, we also tailor the coaching for tailored requirements.
We can coach on site at your office or over the phone/Skype