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Are You Listening

I posted the video below on my Twitter timeline last night.

These were the stats on this tweet as of lunchtime today

It is amazing to see how many people are empowered by this heart warming video. Seeing this young boy with hearing impairment hear for the first time can bring a tear to the eye and make those of us with full hearing, ever grateful.

Funnily enough though as adults one of the biggest issues we have is how well we do listen to each other. Not to just what is being said, but what is not being said as well.

 How many times have you been in a conversation where someone spoke over you before you had finished your point?
Conversely how many times have you listened to someone thinking you wish they would hurry up and finish so you could say, what you have to say?
How many times have you glazed over, crossed your arms, rolled your eyes, looked past someone or had any of the above happen to you?
How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are engaged in one or more of their digital devices?

The answers to those questions may vary, but I bet at sometime in your life, you would have experienced all of the above.

Listening is about being present.
Listening is about respecting the person in front of you.
Listening  is about taking into consideration the other person’s feelings.
Listening is about asking the right questions so you can listen to better answers. Listening is about using interjections or paraphrasing people to ensure that what you thought you heard is what the other person said.
Listening is about not trying to respond before you’ve heard whats being said

In our workplaces, friendship circles, family and community groups, there must be so many instances where we wish that someone had listened to us more, or indeed that we listened to them as well.

So here’s a test for you.
Over the next week, next thirty days, try listening more.
Try really putting yourself in the shoes of others who value your opinion, presence and time, and truly truly listen, and be filled with the same kind of joy that baby Lachlan had when he heard for the first time.