The Power of a Good Story

YourStoryPart of what constitutes a good presentation by leaders and those who would inspire people to action is a well placed story. Storytelling has become somewhat of a trendy topic but well before and well after the “trend” has disappeared at the core of great speeches will always be that great personal story.

Whether a business case, a successful customer story, a political win, when we can connect and show possibilities, vulnerabilities and the championing of the human spirit. But what happens when the story is not your own? When it is borrowed from someone else?
When you cannot fully empathise with the story because it is not part of your own personal journey?

Of Myths and Legends
In a speaker forum that I am part of the subject came up about stories which are not necessarily true but have been hashed over time to appear that way. What happens when people repeat such stories which either have no elements of truth in them or if they are mythical have not been framed as such. Continue reading “The Power of a Good Story”

Helping Leaders Present Better

MediumFor years I have sat and cringed whilst I witnessed leaders and senior execs, who should know better, churn out some really cruddy slide decks on PowerPoint and Keynote or send some people to sleep with somnorofic presentations with no personal touches. Even worst still it pains me to see people pitch for investments and new business with no sense of the either the process, planning or performance required for a good pitch.

I spent a lot of time working individuals who want to build their confidence as it dawned on them that good presentation skills, whether in the the scenarios I mentioned above, or as part of one’s skill set for interviews, are essential for today’s workforce. Especially leaders. I thought rather than just sitting their cringing why not work on a series of programmes that would solve the pain of being able to deliver a great presentation. Not only their pain but mine too. Programmes that would set the standard of expectations from leaders in an organisation on how to make positive impact through a great presentation.

So I got to writing programmes targeted specifically at senior leaders, company executives and those whose role it is to bring in new or sustained business for their organisations. I envisioned that such programmes would focus on three core elements.
1) What the key message was was for any leader giving a presentation.
2) What medium or mediums the presenter would be able to use to ensure that the message came across effectively and well remembered
3) What movement or call to action the presentation would enact. Whether closing a sale, bagging some investment or communicating change within an organisation.

Today I am proud to launch a new venture that I have been working on, called NARRATIVELY.
A venture that embraces public speaking, storytelling, effective visual presentations, presence and delivery skills across all platforms.

Delivered through executive coaching (both one to one and group) presentation masterclasses and workshops, NARRATIVELY is as the name suggests, a mindset for leaders, senior execs and leading sales personnel to get more sales, more buy in and more retention of their internal and external customers.
An opportunity to get the message across regardless of the platform used be it keynote speeches, business meetings, media appearances, seminars or pitches.

So here it is. Welcome to the start of a new journey.